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Humans are notoriously bad multitaskers. Even though we convinced ourselves we’re not. Science shows as soon as we start to do multiple things at the same time, our concentration drops, we get sloppy and errors ramp up. Computers on the other hand are excellent multitaskers. Every modern computer can do many, many things at the same time, switching effortlessly between tasks, without ever dropping the ball.

Concurrency Software that enables this concurrent computing is off course written by humans. Nevertheless, writing correct scalable software that supports concurrency is hard…

Navigation is an essential element of every Android app. It should be fast, intuitive and reliable. Good navigation patterns are natural to the user, providing a seamless flow without ever having to think about it. In this article I will briefly look back at how navigation traditionally was done on Android and the pitfalls and caveats that came with it. I’ll discuss the introduction of the Navigation Component library (‘NCL’) in 2018 and see if the NCL is mature enough for a large production app in 2020.

Users should find their way quickly inside your app

Old routes Traditionally, on Android, you would use an Activity for every screen…

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